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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 13, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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. police are investigating a suspicious death this morning. what people in the neighborhood are saying about it. >> a health scare for the governor, whether it'll affect his ability to lead california. >> and we are live where we are keeping track of the tides. what areas will be affected and if you can see flooding. the news starts right now. >> and a very scary scene in san francisco overnight. it involved a street sweeper and a bicyclist. mornings on 2 starts right now. >> complete bay area news
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coverage starting right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on two. i'm dave clark. >> it's thursday, december 13th. san jose police say that there are some suspicious circumstances surrounding a woman's death. investigators found her body yesterday just a few blocks from the hp pavilion. we have been talking to police in and the coroner. . >> reporter: this case remains a mystery. we just won't have to many more answers until the autopsy is done this morning. someone passing by here looked under this bridge and saw a woman down on the ground here among the dirt and the trees. police say just after three yesterday afternoon they received several calls that a woman was laying face down in the guadalupe river. police confirmed she was dead there. were no obvious signs of trauma
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and it appeared she was recently deceased. they are investigating and are treating the case as suspicious. the coroner will determine an exact cause of death later on. people who work nearby gave me this reaction this morning. >> it's kind of a concern because i run a business here near the creek and we don't have to ma problems with violence or break-ins or that kind of thing. the police are out here, they do a good job. i'm sure they will figure it out. >> reporter: police say that homeless people are known to frequent the area and use the creek to bathe. the coroner said the woman appears to be homeless but they just don't know for sure. authorities say she was wearing a black shirt and checkered pajama bottoms. the coroner hasn't reached the woman's next of kin yet and that's why they haven't been able to identity her. reporting live from san jose. ktvu channel 2news. >> happening right now it's
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couple coming, the big, ocean surges. brian flores is there. he has been there since 4:30. so the high tides are expected this morning along the coast? >> reporter: yeah. you are right. good morning to you. we are live and behind me is the bay. pretty calm right now but expect the waters to rise as a result of the tides. expected to peak around later this morning. in terms of the king tides they are a yearly event. they normally happen around the colder months and we had one in november, another in january and then one in february. in terms of this, they are expected to last until tomorrow with the largest expected to come in later part of this morning as we said around ten or 11. >> two days ago it was here and above the sidewalk that is walking along the ocean. so that was kind of a surprise to me. i haven't seen it that high
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myself. my wife said she -- over the 20 some years she has been year she has seen it that way. it's kind of exciting because you just don't expect it. >> reporter: now what you can expect today is something like what we saw yesterday with the bay cresting at pier14 at 9:45. we saw over at christy field water that covered a large portion of the beach. we are looking at several locations, half moon bay, stinson, along the rivers and creeks, people are asked to submit pictures to a website called the california king tides initiative. they would like to see your pictures. we are watching any standing water issues as well as transportation issues as well as a result the tides. we are expecting surges as high as nine or ten feet in certain locations. i'm brian flores. >> just to repeat, on our website, you will find a link. you can share your photographs
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of the king tides, sciencists want to see them. just click on web links. >> it's 7:05, overnight in san francisco, a street sweeper truck struck a bicyclist who is now seriously hurt. it happened around 12:30. police say the bicyclist became trapped beneath the street sweeper. he was rushed to the hospital but his injuries aren't considered life threatening. no traffic delays there the san mateo bridge after an early morning deadly accident. the far left lane of westbound highway 92 was blocked after an suv hit the back of a small sedan. that happened about 3:30. a female passenger in the sedan was killed. the crash is now cleared, authorities are still investigating that situation. again the bridge is clear. >> that's one of the things sal has been focus on. you are watching everything else as well. >> he are and we have been looking and keeping an eye on
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the bridge. let's go out and take a look at the bridge. everybody seems to be concerned about it. that would be the bay bridge. it's backed up for 25 minute delay. it's getting worse now as you try to get on the bridge. no major problems on the span but it'll be a heavy morning on the bridge. not as bad as if there had been an accident. people always want to know what's going on. it's just a moderate. san mateo bridge, it's a moderate drive. we had earlier problems as we said but now the traffic is looking kind of normal which for this time of morning is busy. if you are driving over to the peninsula the traffic there looks okay. we are looking at the livermore valley, 580 westbound. kind of a good day here. westbound 580. i don't want to jinx it. 7:06, let's go to steve. >> cold out there. i mean a lot of 30s. across the board, coast, bay. inland, couple 20s. i saw 29grayton and pope
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valley. partly sunny, partly cloudy, cool and breezy, we could get the isolated shower or two. looks like rain tomorrow. the leading edge already moving in to the picture. it may be one of those systems where the coast gets good rain and inland areas don't. the fine line, just a fine line, breezy, very cool, sun, clouds, possible shower or two, especially in the afternoon, very cold, unstable air mass. fairfield 33, san rafael 36, even 30s along the coast. areas pacifica, 36, 39, up into the santa cruz mountains, livermore 35, san jose 31. one degrees up in tahoe. the loneliest number. 37 sacramento, lots of 30s lake county. it's cold, mountains, valley, bay, coast, you name it. the next system in will split and there is a very difficult forecast.
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looks good but it'll go parallel to the coast. i will tackle it tomorrow. today we are okay. again there could be a pop up shower or two. especially san jose, santa clara, santa cruz. we will see increasing clouds tomorrow and then right there. they just rotate along the coast. may be where it's not much rain. closer to the coast, marin, in the city, santa cruz coast and around the bay we could get rain. then one more system on saturday. that is more of a broad brush but looks unsettled once we get to friday and saturday. sunday looks okay. chilly, breezy, patchy fog but partly cloudy, sun, cloud showers, i told people that yesterday. sun, cloud showers, 49 clear lake. 52 concord, walnut creek. danville, pleasanton. warmer by the bay. not a lot but a couple degrees. wood side i went 51, 54daley
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city and 54 mountain view. temperatures very cool below average. rain friday, very unsettled on saturday. >> thank you steve. it's 7:09. the governor's office said the governor will continue a full work schedule while he receives treatment for cancer. the governor's office announced yesterday that the 74-year-old has early stage prostate cancer. he is being treated at ucsf. the governor did not reveal anything about his cancer when he met with silicon valley ceo's yesterday. >> one would have never known for a moment that there are health issues going on in that 74-year-old body. he was focused, interesting, on message and we enjoyed the conversation. >> the governor's doctor said he will be treated with radioth era py and said the outlook is excellent and the treatment will be done january 7 president. on the website you will find
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more on the governor's treatment and the full statement released by his office. just look for the hot topics section. >> a state aiming indication department employee is in trouble for what he is a accused of doing online at work. reportedly he posted 4900 comments during working hours over the course of a year. reportedly wrote as many as 740 comments a day on the website of the sacramento bee. now when auditors asked him he reportedly said he had a lot of free time because government changes lightened his work load. his bosses say they found projects to fill 80% of his time. the auditors recommending that he be temporarily banned from the sacramento bee website. the state agency overseeing construction of the new eastern span of the bay bridge canceled a ten million dollar contract for the public relations company after terms of that deal were made public. caltrans signed the contract
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with the pr firm in august. it called for the company to produce a book and a documentary about the construction of the new eastern span which as you know is due to open next year. the state agency overseeing caltrans is now canceled the contract saying it's not wise use of taxpayer money. >> berkeley could be a no drone zone. the city council is expected to vote on banning drones in the city's air space. this after the alameda county sheriff expressed interest in buying a remote controlled device to be used in emergency situations only. some berkeley councilmembers say they are worried about safety, civil liberty violations and possible electronic interference from the drones. there are reports this morning that the satellite launched in to space by north korea is now falling out of control. in south korea people protested the launch burning an effig, of
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north korea's leader. the launch was believed to be a test of banned missile technology. the un also condemned the launch. >> two espn radio hosts are in trouble for verbal attacks on a transsexual athlete from here in the bay area. what they said and how they are being punished. >> and the troubling news about the owner of the jet that crashed killing jenni rivera.
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. cold there. lots of 30s. mostly sunny, partly cloudy today. temperatures today really struggling to get above 52 or 53. >> thank you. it's 7:14. new this morning reports from syria that at least 16 people were killed today by a bomb
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blast near a school. this is video of the blast site. the state news agency said a car packed with explosives exploded in a residential area. reportedly at least half of those killed are women and children. also this morning for the first time russia which is syria's most important ally said the syria president is increasingly losing control and the opposition may eventually win the civil war. >> there is an urgent demand from business executives from the federal reserve chairman to reach a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. taxpayers are fed up with the delay. >> reporter: while democrats and republicans on capitol hill are digging in their heels, taxpayers say its time to compromise. take a look at this nbc wall street poll. 68% of democrats and 66% of
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republicans say its time to meet in the middle when it comes to spending cuts and taxing the wealthy and more than half of independent voters feel the same way. also federal reserve chairman demands a deal. he said the longer the president and congress take the less employers will hire in the coming weeks. nancy pelosi is talking to the media regarding the fiscal cliff. we will see if the democrats tone has changed when i see you next. live in washington. ktvu news channel 26789. >> the google chairman said he is proud of the company's tax structure despite criticism from european governments. he said they pay a lot of taxes. he added that taking steps that are legal to cut the amount paid is just good business. they paid two billion dollars in taxes worldwide last year. they shared some to a shell
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company in bermuda. >> we want to warn you about the graphic nature of this next story. a fort worth texas area man is jailed on half a million dollars bond suspected of carving a pent gram on his son's back. >> i put a pentagram on my son? >> on your son? >> yes. >> why? >> because it's a holy day. >> reporter: on 121212 yesterday investigators say the 39-year-old attacked his 6-year- old son with a box cutter. his wife then ran for help. the child spent the night in the hospital and is expected to recover at least physically, his wound was not deep enough to require stitches. >> breaks my heart first because i didn't have any idea that daddy was capable of anything like that. >> reporter: the pentagram was the size of a basketball and covered the child's entire back.
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cps is now talking to the mother and boy. later today a fairfield photographer accused of having sex with minors will be back in court. the 64-year-old robert hoover was arrested last tuesday. he used his photography studio to have sex with teen girls. he is also facing rape and sodomy charges. last week he plead not guilty. >> two espn hosts have been suspended for comments about a transsexual basketball player. the 50-year-old had surgery to become a woman and plays for mission collegee women's team. the radio hosts and a guest ranted about the player saying that could be a russian chick, how does this work? you loose testicles and gain eligibility? espn suspended them for intolerance and insensitivity. we have new information about the owner of the plane
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that crashed in mexico that killed jenni river a. she and six others died on sunday. their jet crashed in the rugged hills of northern mexico. that plane is reportedly linked to a troubled company and an exive accused of faking safety records of the planes that he bought. there are also reports that rivera was in the final stages of buying the plane that crashed. a filed lawsuit is blaming the captain but it's targeting the owner of a boat in that deadly accident off the islands in april. five people died when the yacht ran into heavy waves during the race. one of the family members filed a lawsuit alleging that the dead captain caused the tragedy because he cut corners during the race. the lawsuit is against the yacht owner james bradford who lived. >> san francisco's bridge
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movie is theater will soon close its doors. the theater first opened on gary boulevard in 1939. it'll show its last movie at the end of the month. the bridge is the second landmark owned theater to close in the last three months. in september another one california street closed because of a disagreement with the landlords over a new lease. >> we have breaking news coming in from the south bay. these are live pictures you are looking at. getting word that classes are canceled at monta vista high school because of threatening grafitti. the cameras pan around. you are seeing a lot of police activity. these are live pictures from news chopper 2. police have also sealed off the grounds of the school. we have a news crew heading there right now. we will be on the ground shortly and will have a live report. >> the headline is this is monta vista high school in
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coopertino, not danville, its been cancelled for the diabases of threatening grafitti. it's really cold. >> it is. >> really cold. it may be a while before we warm up. up next which neighborhoods could dip close to freezing temperatures. >> and millions of dollars donated to the red cross after hurricane sandy hit back east. the reason the red cross is under fire for what it failed to do with all of that money. >> good morning. san francisco, traffic looks good but a problem on the peninsula involving 101. how to get around it.
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. back to breaking news from the south bay. news chopper 2, back giving us live pictures. look at all this police
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activity. word classes canceled at monta vista high school in coopertino this is coopertino. canceled because of threatening grafitti. we see all the police officers milling around down there. they have sealed off the school grounds. a news crew is headed there now. we will be on the ground shortly and will bring you a live report on what is going on. >> paul mcartney one of the many big preformers taking the stage last night to raise money for victims of sandy. ♪ [ music ] the concert was held at new york city's madison square garden. more than $30 million was raised just through ticket sales. some of the other artists who reformed include bruce springsteen and alicia keys. happening now a senate committee hearing is underway to address recovery efforts
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after sandy. here is a live look from washington dc of the hearing that is now underway. the committee will focus on small businesses in particular and the federal efforts to help small business owners get on their feet. that is -- senator me mendez. states hit by sandy could get more help from the government. democrats have put together a bill that would provide $60 billion in disaster aid to the affected areas. the president who visited the area a short time ago made the request for the emergency spending bill last week. the proposal comes at a time when lawmakers are of course already battling -- doing battle over the fiscal cliff. the red cross is under fire for the amount of money it raised verses the amount of money it spent on sandy relief. they pulled in $188 million in donations according to a yahoo
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report, 78 million remains unspent. a spokeswoman said they will release a spending plan soon. >> let's go to sal. there is a bad crash on the peninsula. what happened? >> it's a crash on southbound 101, there is a huge back up now. right there, just on the border of san carlos and redwood city on southbound 101. the best thing is to use 280 instead. this crash at one point had been blocking all the lanes and a sig alert has been issued at holly street. serious injury crash. northbound marble affected but southbound is back up into san mateo as you head south. the best thing is to use 280 instead. let's go to other pictures, bay bridge backed up for a 20 minute delay and this morning on 880 the traffic looks good. > upper 30s.
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partly sunny, partly cloudy, could be isolated shower or two. that's a nice picture of the day. just cold. lot of 30 reports. north bay, higher elevations. one degrees -- ten in town. mostly clear. cool and breezy. today is that in treen dame increasing clouds, rain on friday. >> thank you. it's 7:27, and we continue to follow breaking news out of the south bay on what turns out to be multiple threats at schools and it's prompted at least one school that we know of to cancel classes today. we will have more on this coming up. >> and this video of a car speeding through san francisco. now there is a police
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you just ate dallas! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. . it's 7:30. we are following more breaking news from the south bay. news chopper 2 is giving us these live pictures. first word that classes are
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canceled today at kennedy middle school, it has been canceled, classes canceled for today. also word that monta vista high school coopertino is also shut down, all of this because of threatening grafitti and i'm told we are flying over kennedy middle school. police in coopertino have also sealed off the school grounds. we have a news crew going to the scene. we don't know what the threatening grafitti is about but obviously it's serious enough to prompt at least two school closures this morning. kennedy middle school and monta vista high school in coopertino are closed for the day because we have a news crew going to the scene. meanwhile 100 miles an hour in a sports car through the broadway tunnel in san francisco and a san francisco police officer is said to be
7:33 am
behind the wheel. what was supposed to be a funny posting on facebook is now a police investigation. why are people posting kind of stuff? >> reporter: i always wonder. you are about to see the video. it was entitled broadway title 100 miles an lawyer. there was a comment saying everybody was drunk at the time. >> here we go. now you can see it's in daylight. it's amazing were no other cars in the tunnel. that tunnel connects china town and russian hill. it has a 35-mile an hour speed limit. san francisco supervisor said that the police chief told him police are investigating the video. >> i think no mat wore it is its offensive, it violates
7:34 am
public safety. >> reporter: the officer involvede mailed us to tell his side of the story and he said he wasn't driving 100 miles an hour and that he was not drunk. he said my biggest mistake was putting this video on facebook. this was meant to be between friends, i find it upsetting that someone would put the time and energy into finding a three month old innocent video and alert the media to its presence, drawing a line from innocent fun to police misconduct. that posting of that video has been removed and apparently a police investigation now underway. >> thank you. time is now 7:33. police in san leandro searching for the man who stole a truck and then crashed into a fence. it was stolen from the sheet worker's union building last night about 8:15. a gps system in the truck helped the police find it. it was found crashed into a fence on fairway drive. the engine still running but
7:35 am
nobody was inside. the family of an east oakland doctor shot and killed outside his home is talking about what happened. he was killed tuesday night as he unloaded groceries from his car. he ran a clinic while also driving a campus bus at stanford. he came to this country from china 12 years ago and had two adult children. >> i can't think of anyone doesn't like him. he walks his dog every day in the community. everybody likes him. he said hi to everybody. >> some of the neighbors at the housing development say they have been worried about their safety since security patrols ended earlier this year. the family will be meeting police later today about that case. >> there is a new push to oust the san francisco sheriff. the board supervisors
7:36 am
reinstated him in october after he was suspended for pleading guilty in connection to a domestic violence case. opponents are circulating a petition asking for him to resign. they hope to avoid a recall that could cost the city half a million dollars. there is more -- the second of two audits questions how he spent public funds. auditors say he should immediately reimburse thousands of dollars he charged on a county issue credit card. an investigation claim that he charged restaurant meals and spent four thousand dollars on two electric bikes. the county and the state continue to investigate tax beyer expensed golf outer, casino trips and dinners. in overnight news a campus lockdown at cal state fullerton has been lifted. students and professors were finally allowed to leave their
7:37 am
dorms and classes just before midnight. they had been inside since four yesterday afternoon as police searched for armed men believed to be hiding on campus. we are learning more about the victims and the shooter in the oregon mall shooting. the gunman was 22-year-old jake object tyler roberts, a former girlfriend said he had quit his job, sold all his possessions and told her he was moving to hawaii. she said he never showed any signs of being violent. his mother said she has no explanation or understanding for her son's behavior. he is a accused of killing a man and a woman and wounding a 15-year-old girl at the town center near portland. the man, was a married business owner and father of two. the woman a hospice nurse, the girl is recovering from surgery after being shot in the chest.
7:38 am
>> new this morning, holiday help for needy families. a program where students are paired up with other students. tara is at sycamore elementary. the kids are learning about sharing. >> reporter: that's right. it may not be santa but it's close. we have a lot of student that will pull up in the drop off and they will be handing over some present that will go into this uhaul truck. it's for a program called adopt a family program. basically the elementary school has adopted an elementary school in richmond and what they will do is drop off these items, these are bigger items to get them started, vacuum and couches and things like that. then later today, later throughout the morning they will hand off other item that families need and joining me live is kim and her daughter who is a 4th grader here. let's talk about what prompted
7:39 am
all of this and it's kind of exciting for the kids. >> this is a program through the school district. so we pair up, they have sycamore paired up with martin luther king junior in richmond. this program is district wide and what it does is it pairs us up with schools in neighboring areas that don't have the same economic advantages as bus. adopt a family is our huge endeavour. we have 28 families we adopted. in a little while, it'll be chaos because all of the classrooms, students, teachers, parents got involved there are just trash bags full of wrapped presents that everybody got. these are just some of the big items. >> now you have been a part of this and let me ask you, were some of the item that the families requested, did they surprise you? what did they want? >> it did surprise me because they wanted water and toothbrushes and i sort of -- i
7:40 am
didn't really realize they wanted those things >> reporter: a lot of people can't afford that. how do you feel in doing it sniffle i feel good because you aren't giving things -- not getting things you are giving things. >> reporter: thank you for joining us live. we appreciate it. we will be here throughout the morning. all the kids come through. it's a -- into the uhaul to take over to the elementary school. >> thank you. let's check in with sal. long time morning viewer mace have recognized that mom there. kim. >> kim. >> yeah. >> one of --. >> we -- long history there . >> hello kim. she isn't watching. let's take a look at the drive now. traffic is moving along relatively well. if you are driving in some areas and not so well in others. here is the story of two freeways. a mess of the freeway but 280
7:41 am
is a great alternative. if you are trying to get down to the peninsula use 280, if you have to use 92 to get to 280 do that. this injury crash is blocking lanes and the police -- the chp said it's going to take a while before the slow traffic clears up even if they were to open up the lanes right now we are done here, done. let's move along and take a look at westbound 92, san mateo bridge. moderately busy. the problems have been cleared up. we always check out the bay bridge. it's backed up for a 30 minute delay before you get onto the bridge. >> thank you. cold out there. a lot of 30s. partly sunny, partly cloudy. we could get some build ups or some isolated showers. my forecast level goes below an a minus and i am on the -- not -- today pretty good but friday into sunday forecast models are just having a bear of a time trying to get the timing on all
7:42 am
the systems coming down. it's impossible to time. impossible to almost forecast as well. it's a total broad brush and i hate that but that's what i have to go with. breezy, cool, sun, clouds, possible showers, we are already getting clouds and it's very early. this afternoon wouldn't surprise me, even though the days are short and we don't get much heat it's a possibility today. very cold, 30s. nice e-mail, writing cold 15 times. very cold, tahoe. our system will move in tomorrow. i will deal with it tomorrow and now they just -- came in the morning. now it's wet. colder up to -- clear lake. not warm anywhere else. if you are around the bay or on the coast it's warm erin land.
7:43 am
low this is morning everybody, north to south. rain, cloudy on friday. i went rain on sunday because of what i saw this morning and then another system late monday, tuesday. >> all right. thank you. the incentives to work at facebook. how the social media giant tries to convince interns to drop out of school. >> and the canceling of one school due to threats. a live report coming up.
7:44 am
at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area
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is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. . these live pictures over the school, you can see a lot
7:46 am
of police activity there. even looks like an ambulance. classes are canceled today at monta vista in coopertino because of threaten grafitti. from there is also writing at kennedy middle school and by this point we haven't confirmed if kennedy middle classes will take place. we have a news crew on the way. students and proofersors had to spend hours on a campus in lockdown last night at cal state fullerton. we are live from fullerton with details on what the students and professors had to go through and why. >> reporter: good morning.
7:47 am
it was an ordeal. students returning to campus this morning, some of them shaken with what happened. it was a campus was in the lockdown for about eight hours as swat team officers went door to door, building to building looking for two armed robbery suspects. this started about 3:00 yesterday afternoon about 50 miles east of here in a town. there was an armed robbery of a pawnshop and the store clerk was critically shot. there was a high speed chase that took place in the afternoon. about 125 miles an hour and finally it ended up four counties away from -- here in fullerton when the suspects jump out of their vehicle. their vehicle crashed in to another and the four suspects jumped out, three were caught. two escaped and one they believe went into a building here on the cal state campus. this campus went immediately into lockdown. a lot of tweets were sent to students saying not to leave
7:48 am
their rooms and other students who were outside were told not to come to the campus. that search went on for eight hours last night and finally just before midnight last night this was given the all clear. students are being told classes will resume as scheduled this morning. officials trying to help the concerns of students by adding security here this morning but two suspects still at large. they are believed to be armed suspects and officials are saying they don't believe they are anywhere near the campus. >> bob joining us, thank you. stocks opening close to break even this morning after the government said weekly applications for unemployment benefits fell to the second lowest level this year. the nasdaq is down one,. the united states market has a rally yesterday after the
7:49 am
announcement by the federal chair who said interest rates will stay near zero until unemployment falls to 6.5%. he expect expects it to take three years. another round of bailout loans for greece. greece will be given $64 billion between now and march. they need the money to avoid bankruptcy. in return for the money they had to commit to further measure including more spending cuts and tax increases. >> facebook said it wants to hire the brightest and most talented. this one survey ranking them as the best company in the world to work for. it pays interns $5,600 a month. facebook reportedly offers big payday to try to encourage them to drop out of college. you can get google maps on
7:50 am
your i-phone again. the mapping service is again available as an i-phone app. it was in the phones built in system until earlier this year when apple decided to install it's own map system but the quality of those maps was criticized. some users refused to upgrade to a new phone because they didn't want to loose their google maps. >> once again breaking news in the south bay. a high school in coopertino shut down and classes canceled after a threat to the school was found. we are live near monta vista with details on the threat. >> reporter: good morning. i'm here where you can see the sheriff's office has closed off this road to traffic. that's because a quarter mile up the road is monta vista. we just saw the bomb unit drive in with their trucks, they are
7:51 am
bringing in bomb sniffing dogs to sweep the school because the school is classed because earlier this morning grafitti was found on the campus of lynn brook in san jose and in that yao feety it indicated there was a bomb on the campus of monta vista in coopertino. so officials lynn brook called police to tell them what the grafitti said and now the sheriff's department, coopertino police are investigating, they are turning students away to see if -- if in fact there is anything suspicious on campus. right now we just have one school in the area confirmed that is closed that's monta vista. we hope to have more for you at eight. reporting live. channel 2news. >> we had heard there were several schools involved but at this point you only have confirmation of one school? that's correct? >> reporter: that's right. i did put a call into lynn
7:52 am
brook in san jose to see and they say they are open for school today. as far as the other schools in the area we are trying to make calls and figure out if they are open or closed. right now just this one. >> we just want to be clear on that. live a story she is following and we will be staying on top of throughout the rest of the morning. >> all right. possible changes at a former military field on the peninsula. there is conflicting information on what could happen to a building that some want to make a landmark.
7:53 am
7:54 am
. signs change could happen soon in mourn mountain view. google has offered to restore the hanger one blimp in exchange for a long term lease
7:55 am
but the government could sign off the property because nasa said it's to expensive to maintain. they have asked for a policy meeting to discuss the possibility. two swiss engineers have plans to fly around the world in a completely solar powered air craft by 2015. it's flown 2500 miles from switzerland to africa but now they want to store enough energy while flying in daylight to power their flight through the night. they have to consider what will happen if they run into bad weather and the panels not exposed to the sun. >> that would be a problem. if you are driving during the christmas holidays you will have a lot of company. aaa said more will travel for the holidays than any time since 2006. almost 91% plan to drive at least 50 miles. that translates to more than 84 million people going somewhere in a car and that's a new record.
7:56 am
>> lot of people hitting the road. see how people are doing this morning while driving. let's check in with sal. >> 880 we will start there and look at north bound and south bound 880. on the right getting busy as it normally does about this time. as you drive toward downtown oakland. 580 also busy around the lake shore curve. a lot of people going to the bay bridge. 30 minute delay into san francisco. we see improvement when i see that ramp you can see it's improving. it may be better by nine. we are keeping track of the crash. really has made a mess of the bayshore freeway on down to redwood city. steve the giants have resigned torres. >> i saw that. i saw that. lent him out for a year and now he is back. and the golden state warriors. my goodness. that was a great game. we have a -- very, very cold
7:57 am
pattern. partly sunny. partly cloudy. it looks unsettled. especially inland. maybe sunday now coming up in ten minutes. >> thank you. time is now 7:56, back to the breaking news. we have been following for the past 45 minutes. threatening grafitti has shut down a high school in coopertino. >> and we are live where we are keeping track of the king tides n
7:58 am
7:59 am
. complete, bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's thursday december 13th. we have the update on breaking news. a high school is shut down. classes canceled after a threat to the school was found. we are there. you are near monta vista. what's the latest >> reporter: i have been putting in calls to the sheriff's office and coopertino police and haven't heard back. the deputies said they closed off the road. they are directing traffic because they don't want to let
8:00 am
anybody near monta vista. we are here -- and the high school is located about a quarter mile west up the road. we saw the bomb unit drive in about 20 minutes ago and we are told by the sheriff's spokesperson they will be bringing in bomb sniffing dogs to sweep the school. that is because earlier this morning sometime before seven, grafitti was found on the campus of lynn brook in san jose. on that grafitti writing it said that there was a bomb on the campus of monta vista here in coopertino. school officials from lynn brook called police and then everybody here started investigating, coopertino police, the sheriff's department. they have closed down the school, closed down streets near the school and students are being turned away. there will be no classes held today. we are trying to confirm if it's only monta vista that is closed. we know they are closed but
8:01 am
they aren't sure if the adjoining elementary schools are. we have seen several children here on bikes trying to get through and police are diverting them away. we hope to have some more updated information for you coming up on mornings on 2. reporting live. >> all right. time now 8:00. police in san jose investigating the suspicious death of a woman. her body was found just a couple blocks away from the hp pavilion near the bridge over the guadalupe river. they found her body face down under that bridge. the cause of her death is still being investigated but officials are already saying her death is suspicious. >> it's 8:00. happening now, the bay area's biggest tides of the year are rising along the coast. brian flores, tells you when the king tides will peak. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they are expected to be here
8:02 am
roughly around ten this morning but i will go ahead and step aside. are you taking a live look here. people enjoying the walk. since we have been here the water level has risen a little bit but the peak is a round ten. ten or 11:00 later this morning. in terms of the king tides they are a yearly event that happens during the colder months of the year as a result of the pull from the sun and moon. we just had one in november and then another in january and another in february. some residents are looking forward to it. >> there will be many parts of the bare area that are soaked, there were some today. >> reporter: it'll be interesting to see what water level also be like when the king tide arrives. yesterday we saw water in the bay cresting to the entrance to pier14. high water levels were noticeable along the beach year and also flooding at the park
8:03 am
and ride. we were there this morning as well in mill valley. we will watch several locations especially along the coastlines, rivers and creeks. we are also expecting tidal surges as high as nine feet at redwood city and seven feet at the golden gate bridge. brian flores. >> thank you. our channel 2 website you will find a link there where you can share your photographs of the king tides with sciencists, just click on web links. the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar was charged with three new crimes. during his brief court appearance yesterday the 21- year-old looked quite different, his hair was grown out and he had lost weight. he is a accused of trying to kidnap three women in separate incidents safeway parking lots in 2009. he could enter pleas to those charges in february. he has not entered a plea yet in the sierra lamar case.
8:04 am
prosecutors say there's could be more charges and suspects in a beating and homicide. the victims steven reed and audrey -- were bound, and dumped on a street. reed later died. investigators believe the two were first attacked inside a home. a warning to reporters to stay away hangs outside the home. four of the five gave not guilty pleas in court yesterday. >> police seize a marijuana growing operation in oakland after weeks of watching the building. police raided the warehouse on edgewater drive near oakland airport. they seized marijuana plants that produced about 20 to 30 pounds of pot a month. they also took $40,000 cash and two starter pistols. the marijuana activists who run the operation said the authorities could have warned him before they destroyed everything. >> called us and talked to us and said you didn't do
8:05 am
something. >> you need permits and you need follow the ordinance itself. that wasn't done. >> police also arrested two men. the man in charge of the pot grow said he plans to post bail for them. >> san francisco nightclub is closing amid allegations of racism. the razz room located inside a hotel has filed a lawsuit accusing the hotel of discriminating against african americans. the suit claims the club's contract was not renewed because the club attracted to many african american customers. the vice president of the hotel said the allegations aren't true. the room will close after new year's, the owners plan to open a new club in january. the california pub like utilities commission has started the process to add a new area code to the 415 zone. available numbers in the 415 zone will be used up by october
8:06 am
2015. the cpuc wants to add a new area code, 628. the commission will consider if they will divide the zone forcing some to switch area codes or to assign a new area code only to new phone numbers. public hearings will be held in january. a housing development project in pittsburgh is moving forward. developers want to build one thousand homes at the site of a former tank farm. last night people were able to give input on the environmental impact of the project. if the project is a proved it would be pittsburgh's largest residential development in 19 years. >> overnight in san francisco, a street sweeper truck hit a bicyclist. that bicyclist is now seriously hurt. it happened about 12:30 this morning. police say the bicyclist became trapped beneath the street sweeper. he was rushed to the hospital,
8:07 am
his injuries are said to not be life threatening. an early morning fatal accident now cleared from the san mateo bridge. an suv crashed into the back of a small sedan about 3:30. a woman passenger in that sedan was killed can. the chp doesn't think alcohol was involved but that investigation continues movement. a man barely escaped with his life. a train hit his suv. that happened about 6:30 last night near 67th. the driver said his car got stuck on the tracks. the train had just left the amtrak station heading for sacramento and it wasn't going fast at the time of the collision. luckyly nobody was hurt. >> wow. very lucky person got out in time. want to check in with sal. see what's happening on the road. it's cold but clear. >> it's cold but clear. we have good visibility. let's go outside. i want to show you traffic will be busy in many areas.
8:08 am
going to start with two major crashes. one has made a mess of the bayshore freeway. use 280 instead. across the bay southbound, another major crash blocking lanes and traffic is backed up all the way into haywood. this is a mess on both sides of the bay. trying to get into the south bay. let's move along to live pictures. bay bridge. steady and slow. it's a 20 to 25 minute delay at the toll plaza. highway 4 bay point. slow traffic in antioch 680 nearby driving to walnut creek. >> thank you. a very good morning. cold morning, mostly sunny, partly cloudy, could get build ups later on. there is not a consensus. parallel to the coast.
8:09 am
ing not going to be warm. even had patchy fog this morning. it was a little bit around san ramone. that is usually a really challenging forecast. looks like it's going to go along the coast tomorrow, which means some areas closer to the coast could get rains, other areas could see clouds, chilly, breezy, partly sunny, partly cloudy. 49, low 50s, especially inland near the bay, near the coast. slight warm up. closer to the water.
8:10 am
even some of the higher elevations, i have seen 30 we with a -- it'll be upper 40s. very, very chilly air. i have seen colder temperatures but its been a while. for us this is cold. rain moves in. cloudy skies on friday and a broad brush on saturday. there is absolutely no consensus for sunday. looks like another system. >> at least the first part of this evening could be great for sky watching. it's the peak of the meteor shower. it starts around seven when skies still likely to be clear but the peak is a round midnight with as many as 100 shooting stars an hour appearing to fly away from -- the skies likely to be cloudly by then so go out by seven and see at least hopefully a couple. >> i still -- i thought i saw one this morning. >> i think a heard a couple people say there may have been some. >> i didn't know if i was
8:11 am
still asleep. we are still following breaking news from the south bay. a high school shut down because of threatening grafitti. we just confirmed a second school in this area is now shut down. stay tuned for the details. if why lawmakers have decided to turn down the volume on loud tv commercials. what?
8:12 am
8:13 am
. we have some breaking news, another school has been -- wn b made that -- authorities found
8:14 am
apparently with some grafitti on school grounds. this is monta vista high school and the lincoln elementary school next door. monta vesta coopetrino, we have a wide viewing area here this is monta vista in coopertino, we have that school and a nearby elementary school on lockdown because of the threats. a huge police presence. we are on the scene. we will have more details the ground coming up. >> all right. time -- a new report about the nurse who apparently took her own life after taking a prank call about the dutchess of cambridge. the report said the 46-year-old was found hanging from a scarf on a wardrobe door in her room. three notes were also found in
8:15 am
that same room. a co worker a member of the security staff at the hospital found her on friday. the investigation of this continues. back here a san rafael teen accused of trying to kill a mill valley couple and stealing a car is going back to court today. the 18-year-old max wade is charged with shooting at two people. he is also accused stealing a car belonging to a food network chef in san francisco last year. >> new this hour democrats on capitol hill react to public pressure for a fiscal cliff deal. they want a deal in the next two days. >> reporter: nancy pelosi said minutes ago it's time to act. she said members of congress need to engineer a path forward. they must figure out a plan in the next two days.
8:16 am
she repeated what was said yesterday, consumer spending confidence are both down. both say without a deal employers won't hire and the unemployment rate will likely get worse. >> if we don't act the economy will go over the cliff. not just the budget. the economy will go over the cliff. what more motivation do our republican colleagues have than to get the job done? >> reporter: and the house speaker will be speaking to the media on the cliff in just a few minutes. live in washington. ktvu channel 2news. >> if you watch tv starting today commercials aren't supposed to be louder than the tv shows you are watching. the calm act requires broadcasters, cable, satellite and other video programmers to make sure the commercials are the same volume as the tv shows around them. the law was co written by a
8:17 am
congresswoman. >> the nominees for the 70th golden globe awards were announced in beverly hills early this morning. >> best motion picture drama. argo. j django in chains, life of pi, lincoln, zero dark 30. >> that was jessica can alba making the announcement. the civil war film lincoln is the biggest success. it's in the lead with seven nominations. tied for second with five is the iran hostage crisis thriller argo and then django in chains. pop star justin bieber keeping quiet about a chilling del tails of a plot to kill him. a convicted killer in a new mexico prison hatched the plan. they wanted to kidnap him and his bodyguard, strangle them
8:18 am
and then castrate them. one of the suspects is so obsessed with bieber he has a tattoo of him. the manager said every precaution is being taken to protect the young star along with his fans. >> on a lighter note the golden state warriors are red hot right now. >> jack guarded by --. >> with a last second basket they continued james and the world champion heat last night. 97 to 95. so far the warriors a perfect 5- 0 on this road trip with a 15 deputy he-7 record they are one game behind first place in the pacific division. back here at home you have a chance to meet a's players and also give to families in need at a holiday food drive. a's pitchers ryan cook and shaun doolittle will trade
8:19 am
autographs for food donations. all the food that's donated will go to the food bank of contra costa. >> very good. >> yes. a new crime trend could make you rethink how you do your online shopping. how the criminals make their move. . >> good morning. san jose, not all that bad. we will tell you more about some of the problems we have had on some of the bay area freeways. @
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
. breaking news, we can now confirm that threats have canceled classes at two schools in coopertino. there is a heavy police presence. . and police are directing traffic away from the area as a precaution. we know threats written in grafitti at lynn brook in san jose prompted police to shut down both monta vista and lincoln elementary nearby. we don't know yet what the grafitti said. police are also bringing bomb sniffing dogs in to check out both campuses. we are live at the scene and will have a full report coming up at 8:30. >> the court appointed
8:23 am
director of the oakland police department may will start work next month if. a judge approved a plan to transfer control of the police department from the city to the courts. it's not a full take over though. the take over stems from the police corruption scandal. the city didn't complete mandated reforms. by december 21st lawyers will submit a list of potential compliance officers but the judge will have the final say. bart meantime is increasing security just to make sure people are safe during the holiday season. in oakland bart police will partner with the oakland police department. they will provide escorts to the parking lot at the west oakland station. in san francisco, bart is adding extra patrols to the bart stations downtown. >> it's the season for holiday shopping gift giving and most recently package theft. fremont police say they got three to five reports a day of
8:24 am
stolen packages and the rush of holiday deliveries give more opportunities for criminals to strike. ups is expected to deliver 527 million paages. one victim caught the criminals on his security camera. >> experience, very efficient and -- just the way he did it seemed like he had gotten away with it. >> ups employees recommend using a shipping method that requires a signature oro routeing a package to the nearest ups facility and then going there to pick it up. >> all right. time now 8:23. many things happening in the drive. what are you tracking school? >> the two trouble spot that are the busiest are right across the bay from each other. one southbound 101 in redwood because of an earlier accident at holly. that crash has been cleared. the other one across the bay,
8:25 am
both sides 101 and 880. there is not a good alternate for 880. you can take some road it's you are -- side roads but it'll take you to long. have you to get on the road early. the bayshore freeway the same thing goes. it takes some people to far out of the way to get to their jobs. lue have to deal with that. 101, pretty slow as you drive to coopertino. let's take a look at the bay bridge. its been steady and show for a 25 minute delay. if you are driving in san francisco, northbound 101 traffic looks good approaching the 80 split. >> partly sunny, partly cloudy, temperatures cold, lots of 30s. could be a build up on some of the clouds later this afternoon. maybe isolated shower or two. you can see already some developing here. just a very unstable pattern. still cool and breezy i think is the main weather word todayt. will be a chilly day.
8:26 am
the system that's poised to come in tomorrow will probably hug the coast. today breezy, very cool, sun and clouds, shower but probably not hail reports like yesterday toward san jose. 32, 33, cold readings. lot of 30s. a very forecast. we will cloud up late tonight and into tomorrow. probably should some rain hugging the coast. . two schools closed because of threatening grafitti. >> we are live here on the scene. what roads are closed and tell you the latest on this investigation. >> we are live in danville where dozens of students and their families have loaded up
8:27 am
these trucks full of goodies to take to people in need. we will tell you where it's all going when we return.
8:28 am
8:29 am
. we want to update the breaking news we brought you minutes ago. two schools now closed because of threatening grafitti. we are live near monta vista and i know you just talked to a student about that emergency out there. >> reporter: yeah. that is right. first let me show you what is looks out here. you can see sheriff's deputies are out here. they are directing traffic, diverting them away from monta vista which is about a quarter west of -- quarter mile up the
8:30 am
road. deputies are surrounding the school because there is a bomb threat on campus. let's go to video from earlier this had morning from chapper 2. you can see sheriff's deputies surrounding the school. they are bringing in bomb sniffing dogs, looking for anything suspicious or any sort of suspicious device. into lynn brook. there was grafitti found on the wall, saying there was a bomb planted. right now we just ran into a lieutenant from the sheriff's office, can you tell me what is happening right now? >> we have bomb detection bombs from agencies to help as the sides of the campus is large. we have several roadblocks around the school, just to be able to err on the side of caution and for the safety of the school staff, students as well as the residents around we
8:31 am
want to make sure their safety is guaranteed. that is what we have going on right now. we -- expect our roads to be closed, probably for another three or four hours or so. we will go head and provide an update as more things progress. >> reporter: i know the students at monta vista are closed, we are also hearing lincoln elementary? >> the school campus borders monta vista and that's the reason why we shut down that particular school. however, other schools in coopertino aren't affected as of this time. however, we have our deputies, that are doing the walk through with school officials at other school campuses just to ensure there are no suspicious pams or people that are about to do anything bad. >> and lastly can you tell me what exactly the grafitti said
8:32 am
at lynn brook? >> without having to get into details, the grafitti pointed out a specific teacher and -- a threat was made against that teach. >> reporter: and that teach certify a teacher here? >> he is a teacher here in coopertino. >> reporter: how was this school referenced? . the bomb was supposed to be planted here. >> reporter: thank you very much lieutenant. as you heard the sheriff's deputies will be out here and these road closures will be happening here but no school -- for students at lincoln elementary and monta vista. reporting live, ktvu channel 2news. >> just to repeat what she just said. these are the schools we know so far are canceled. monta vista high school and lincoln elementary school. the schools are right next to each other on the road.
8:33 am
> john mcaf eric e is now in florida after he was deported. now that he is back on united states soil he has a lot to say. >> reporter: he does. though he is asking for some priv acy on his personal blog that he has been updating every day over the past month as he was on the lamb in hiding, running from the beliz police. now he is here in miami staying at a hotel in south beach. the swanky party place that it is. he went out for dinner last night and the media was following him for much of it and he said the only reason he came to miami was that is where the plane took him. police organizing that as they took him out of detention yesterday. it was a scene there. a lot of cameras following every move as the police
8:34 am
escorted him into the cab, into the vehicle and then took him to the hotel. his problems do seem to be a lot more improved, at least legally speaking. compared to how they have been for him. police still want to question him over the shooting death of his former neighbor in belize, who had complained about mcafee's dogs and the dogs were poisoned and then a few days later he was dead. he is somebody that the police want to talk to. mcafee has denied any wrongdoing, any involvement and said that the belize government is corrupt and is look for any excuse to shut up an out spoken critic of that government. the fbi says they are not involved in his case. federal agents met him on the plane, as he got off the plane. they escorted him out of the airport. he got into the taxi cap, went
8:35 am
off to south beach. the only draw back that he is making well known right now is the fact that he flew here alone. his 20-year-old girlfriend remains out of the country as does a 17-year-old reportedly second girlfriend of his and those two are right now are trying to get out of the country and join him here in miami. unless he is criminally charged in belize appears to have no more problems being taken back to the questioning. back to you. >> thank you. time is now 8:34, happening right now, bay area school kids learning the value. we are live in danville. it's busy out there. the students loading up vans to help families in need. >> reporter: right around 8:00 the families started coming in with the trash bags.
8:36 am
you can see them loading them in to the uhall. it's all part of sycamore's sister program -- the students here and their families received a christmas wish list from 28 families selected by staff at mlk and children there asked for everything from dolls and toys to underwear and toothbrushes. >> a lot of people asked for rice and beans and so. basics i think we take for granted. of course it was nice to get the bikes and i know his class, every item on the wish list was bought which is very nice. >> we are helping the kids that have no like, any stuff so
8:37 am
that is -- we have a lot of stuff so that's why we are helping the kids. >> reporter: this program is called adopt a family and it's one of three events the program has each year in the school district. students also do cheers for a cause where they do a chore and get money to pool together for sports equipment and a snack drive for star tests. the families have loaded up two uhauls and will take them over to the school in richmond later this morning. you can see they are excited about it. live from danville. >> lot of energy there. all right. thank you. a very good cause. it's 8:36. want to check in with sal and see what's happening on 880. >> reporter: traffic is slow this morning heading south. has been because of a truck accident, southbound 880 near the scales, 880 northbound also slow as well. coming up to bay bridge we
8:38 am
have slow traffic as well. its been backed up for 20 to 25 minute delay. let's move along and take a look. you can see traffic is busy. i want to look at the freeway. i told you about all the slow traffic here because of an accident here the truck scales in fremont. southbound 880 is just a big mess. at the bay bridge i mentioned we have delay of about 20 minutes, it's improving a bit. let's go to steve. >> all right. thank you. partly sunny, partly cloudy but a in between day, cold this morningw. very had colder but not for a while. it was pretty cold this morning. it'll continue to be a lily day. could be a few cloud build ups later on. lot of 30s, some 30s even on the coast. one degree up in south lake tahoe. that's by the airport. closer to the lake than i have seen from four to about ten or 16-degrees. even 30s to 20s, 31 at clear lake. under cloudy to mostly cloudy
8:39 am
skies, we will have a mostly sunny, partly cloudy day, could be isolated shower, next system looks good but it'll split. the forecast makes it doublely hard but it looks like it'll move in increasing clouds and then rain will skirt along the coast. a really close call but it would be tomorrow morning. chilly, breezy, some patchy fog and very cool highs, days just not long enough, plus the cold air mass hard to shake. upper 0's 40s to the north. inland temperatures will struggle to get past 51 or 52. some rain tomorrow morning. san francisco, sfo, not so much out to the east bay but a close call. kind of a shower are you pattern on saturday. looks like more rain late saturday into sunday. >> thank you. it's 8:38, a police sergeant said to be driving a sports car 100 miles an hour in a san
8:40 am
francisco tunnel while drunk, pam cook is here to tell us the information was posted where anyone could see it. >> reporter: we have talked about this before. it's amazing what some post on facebook. this time it involves a speeding car through the broadway tunnel in san francisco. >> here we go. . >> reporter: this post of this video was on the page belonging to a police sergeant. it was titled broadway tunnel, 100 miles an hour in the lambo, and there was a comment saying everybody was drunk at the time. >> this is absolutely dangerous and inappropriate behavior and we can't have people going 100 miles an hour like this. >> reporter: the officer involved said it was over blown, he wasn't driving 100 miles an hour and wasn't drunk. overnight we received an's mile
8:41 am
from him reading that my biggest mistake was in putting this on facebook. this was meant to be between friends. i find it upsetting that someone would put the time and energy into finding a three month old innocent video of me having fun and alert the media to its presence. draw agriculture i line from innocent fun to police misconduct. we are told that police are investigating this video but it has since been removed. >> all right. thank you. we are still following the very serious situation in the south bay. the threat that has shut down two schools. we have new information. >> and a new safety campaign. the crimes that have led to more police patrols. well, well, well.
8:42 am
growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows.
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and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible.
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. more economic data for investors today guest including new jobless claims, more on that in a moment. also google maps found their way back to the i-phone with a release of a new app and apple stock is currently down about 1%. taking a live look at the big board. the dow down 31, the nasdaq up four, s and p flat.
8:45 am
united states retail sales rose three tenths of a percent last movement the increase reflects a rebound after sandy. store that sell clothing, electronics and appliances socials increase and car sales were strong as people started replacing repair what they lost in the storm. and the number of people applying for new unemployment benefits is now lower than before hurricane sandy hit the east coast. 343,000 people filed first time claims. that's down 29,000 and close to a four year low. economists had expected to seat number decline but not by that much. >> let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories. the santa colorra sheriff told us just minutes ago that deputies are inspecting coopertino schools after grafitti was found targeting a male teacher and threatening to bomb monta vista high school. the school and lincoln
8:46 am
elementary have canceled classes. we were the first on this breaking news. in seven minutes we will be back live from outside monta vista. san jose police are investigating the death of a woman, her body was found on the street just a few block away from hp pavilion. the cause of her death is still under investigation but they think her death is suspicious. and this morning out along the coast you may see some of the highest tides of the year. the king tides are expected to peak about 10:00 this morning. there may be flooding in parts of the bay area. >> activists will protest in less than two hours upset about a proposal to ban the salvation army from berkeley. the young americans liberty of uc berkeley will raise fund this morning for the salvation army on campus at ten.
8:47 am
it's in protest to the asua senate resolution that urges the university to ban salvation army bins saying it discriminates against gays. starting today some people in the bay area have a chance to earn a college degree for free. the oakland tribune reports the for profit group university now will announce an online program for an under graduate business degree. it's for everybody working in san francisco, oakland and sacramento whose employer subdecideses tuition with a tax deductible tax donation. a state audit found wasteful spending in the uc spending. a report released tuesday found the uc reimbursed a office of the president employee more than six thousand dollars for travel expenses. the report called it excessive. the same worker was audited
8:48 am
before when he worked for the csu system. his wasteful traveling there totaled $152,000. >> the governor expected to continue a full work schedule while he is being treated for prostate cancer. the governor's office announced yesterday that he has early stage prostate cancer. he is 74. he is being treated at ucsf. the governor didn't reveal anything about his cancer when he met with silicon valley ceo's in san jose yesterday. >> he was as he always is insightful, funny, interesting, curious, vital, vibrant, one wouldn't have known for a moment that there are health issues going on in that 74-year- old body. >> the governor's doctors said that the governor will be treated with radio therapy. he said the outlook is excellent and the treatment will be finished the week of
8:49 am
january 7 president. on our website, you will find more about the governor's outlook and the full statement released by his office. now just look for the hot topics section. >> it's 8:48, green beret police are searching for a bank robber and need your help. the suspect robbed the chase bank along sir francis drake boulevard yesterday. the man handed a note to the teller then walked out of the bank with a bag of cash. the robber didn't show a weapon or suggest he had one. authorities say the man was white, had a grayish blond mush tach and had a black hat, sweatshirt and pants. certain neighborhoods will be getting more police patrols. this brings good news for business owners, shoppers and residents, more officers will be patrolling piedmont avenue, rock ridge, grand lake, and lake shore. increased reports of break-ins, robberies and armed muggings prompt the high security. a new report says oakland police officers are stopping
8:50 am
75% fewer drivers and pedestrians this year compared to three years ago. this drop with a spike in crime, . this year the department is on target to make below 16,000 stops, that's just 43 per day. the department stats reflect an agency dealing job cuts, low morale and federal reform for making stops. >> the city of berkeley could be a no drone zone. the council is expected to vet next week on banning drones in the city's air space. this after the sheriff said he wanted to buy one of the remote control devices to be used only in emergencies. some berkeley councilmembers say they are worried about safety, civil liberty violations and possible electronic interference from those drones. there are reports this morning at the satellite launched into space by north
8:51 am
korea may be falling out of control. people in south korea burned an effigy of the north korea leader. south korea and the united states believe it's artiest of banned missile technology. the un also condemned the lawn. . >> the humane society in nevado is reducing prices by 50% for the rest of the year for anyone who wants to adopt a black and white cat. the society has received a lot of these tuxedo cats donors. in late november 24 were dropped off, another 12 left in early december. cats can be adopted for just $50, kittens five months or younger will are $62. an army captain is being honored one of the highest military honors. the 27-year-old kevin mott was ambushed and shot in the head two years ago. five months after that he was
8:52 am
back in afghanistan leading his unit to victory in a battle against insurgents. he was awarded the is silver star for his role in the battle. he graduated from marin and he heads back to afghanistan later this month. >> new this morning giants fans happy the giants are welcoming back a key member of the world corresponds team. they just resigned torres. great catch. they signed him to a one year, two million dollar deal. he was traded to the mets for angel pagan before last season. torres turns 35 next month. he is a switch hitter. he is very fast and great on defense. >> good news he is back. nine minutes before nine. we continue to follow breaking news down in coopertino where two schools closed including monta vista and lincoln. this after someone threatened to plant a bomb on campus.
8:53 am
a live report on the threat that also targeted a teacher. >> and still checking traffic. we will check on the gridlock out see you the bay bridge. the metering lights still on at the toll plaza. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale with starbucks just $6.99.
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turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life.
8:55 am
. one more update on the breaking news.
8:56 am
officers searching for a bomb at a school. classes are canceled at lincoln elementary and monta vista in coopertino. >> reporter: we are here at the road -- where you can see sheriff's deputies have been diverting traffic for the last hour because monta vista high school is closed. it's one of many roads near the school that's closed. they are out here detouring traffic because of a bomb threat on the campus. let's go to footage taken from chopper 2. you can see deputies on their -- on -- at the campus. we are told about 40 deputies are there. they are surrounding the high school, keeping their eyes open for anything suspicious. a lieutenant said they have four bomb units on the scene and three bomb sniffing dogs, sniffing for anything that looks like a suspicious device,
8:57 am
making a sweep of the school. a call came in at about 6:40 this morning to the police department, actually in san jose because a staff member from lynn brook high school in san jose found threatening grafitti on the wall. >> about 6:40 the sheriff's office reported, received a report, regarding ayala feety that -- includes a specific threat against a certain teacher in the city. and the fact that the bomb was planted at monta vista high. >> reporter: now the male teacher the lieutenant mentioned does would income tax school district. we aren't search if he is employed at monta vista but we are told he is being protected. lincoln elementary and monta visit are both closed. police don't know if a student or adult is responsible. but police at lynn book are investigating. deputies plan to be out for at
8:58 am
least three it four hours to make sure they do a full sweep, they don't know if this is a prank but they are just doing it to be caution. other schools we are told in the district are also being visited by deputies just to make sure that they are safe. reporting live. ktvu channel 2news. >> full update at noon. the schools we know that are canceled monta vista high school and lincoln elementary, next to each other in coopertino, those roads closed for a few more hours. sal what are you seeing? >> just want to check out the toll plaza. it's improving, about a 15 minute wait a minute. >> all right. mostly sunny. cool, cool and breezy. looks like increasing clouds, rain moves in friday and then again late saturday, early sunday. >> all right. >> chilly. >> that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks.
8:59 am
>> be sure to watch at noon for more on the threat that has shut down two schoolsw. are always here for you at and mobile ktvu. did thank you for joining us.


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